Why should you choose TykVen to manage your service requests?

This cloud-hosted solution is a feature-rich value-for-money tool that can improve your RoI.

Admin Panel

The application contains an administration panel with the following features:

  • Register customer requests
  • Assign/reassign tasks to the team
  • Calendar view of tasks
  • Realtime task status tracking
  • Manage team members
  • Manage customers

Smart Task Scheduling

Back-office staff or managers can assign tasks to the team based on their workload, location and skill set. The calendar view of teams' workload gives a clear picture of the team utilization for any period.  Using the application, we can easily reassign tasks due to changes in priority.

Keep track of the team

The location tracking module tracks the real-time location of the team members. Knowing the location of the resources, will help assign the tasks to those who are free and in the nearby location of the customers.  The travelling time can also be calculated which will help provide the customer the exact time of arrival of the support team. This also helps in billing. 


Keep track of the jobs

Real-time job status helps manage the ad-hoc requirements and thus closing the tasks in minimum possible time. Equipment based complete job history helps to plan well before assigning the job and noting the job requirements. Capturing service report related data helps in data analysis and reporting. These reports can improve the overall quality and efficiency of the service.

Estimates and Invoices

It is easy for the service team to record the evaluation and present the estimation to the customer. It is easy to convert the estimate to the service report and invoice. Data analysis of the estimated versus the actual will help improve the estimation process.


Contracts & Reminders

The application keeps track of the equipment warranty, AMC or other service contracts. The timely reminders sent to the customer and the back-office help to keep the system in good health.  Alerts on preventive maintenance schedules can also be set in the system.

Dashboard & Reports

The application provides a dashboard with vital data and comprehensive reports like:

  • Task/Job Invoice
  • Work Report